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VLLBLVCK, #MeToo + Time’s Up

VLLBLVCK Offers All-Black Fashion In Support of the Time’s Up Movement

In so many ways, 2017 was a defining year for women in Hollywood and entertainment. The #MeToo movement became a national phenomenon, women across the world suddenly felt empowered to share their stories of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and the color black became a new symbol of solidarity with women who have been unfairly harassed or held back.

In support of this broader initiative, VLLBLVCK will now be donating 10% of all profits from its line of women’s and men’s all-black clothing to support the Time’s Up initiative, which was founded in January 2018 by a number of luminaries within the Hollywood and entertainment world. Time’s Up is related to the #MeToo movement, in that it supports courageous women worldwide who are sharing their stories. However, it goes one step further by providing a legal defense fund for women who are facing financial duress as the result of sexual harassment or sexual violence.

As a result, whenever you wear all-black fashion from VLLBLVCK, you are doing your part to help raise consciousness about the many obstacles still facing women in today’s world. The color black, quite simply, is the new uniform of the modern woman, unafraid to speak truth to power. At the Golden Globes event earlier this year, brave women like Natalie Portman and Meryl Streep wore black gowns in support of the Time’s Up movement. And now powerful women everywhere are wearing black dresses in support of this idea. The idea is a powerful one: a simple fashion statement – wearing black – has the power to change the world.

And that message resonates with the mission of VLLBLVCK, which was founded on the idea that all women should be able to live the lives they have always dreamed, to pursue their ambitions and passions, freed from the constraints of society. We have created a line of all-black clothing that is timeless and iconic – much like the Hollywood stars who are leading the Time’s Up movement and unifying women worldwide.

The iconic appeal of the color black is what inspires us on a daily basis to create clothing that makes women feel empowered, strong and confident. Whenever you walk into a room wearing VLLBLVCK, we want you to be able to project a sense of confidence in yourself as a woman. As Giorgio Armani once remarked, “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” When you wear VLLBLVCK, you will always be remembered – not just for what you are wearing, but also for your beliefs.

The new summer collection from VLLBLVCK features four new dresses – a hollow out party bandage dress, a cotton midi club dress, a summer slim sleeveless dress, and a ¾-sleeve skater dress – all in black, and all designed to be iconic symbols of the modern woman. You can view these new dresses over at, where you can shop for women’s and men’s fashion items, as well as an exciting new line of accessories. (As an added bonus, there is free shipping worldwide and VLLBLVCK accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin.)

And remember – 10% of all profits will go to support women via the Time’s Up initiative. Through its line of all-black fashion clothing, VLLBLVCK stands with you in protesting sexual harassment and raising awareness of women’s issues in today’s society.

With love,
⚫️ Annah & Emylee, VLLBLVCK Founders



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